Thursday, October 14, 2010

html5 is here and ready , thanks microsoft we don't want silvercrapware or DRM !

Philippe Le Hégaret seems to be payed by Microsoft :
he seems to work on  xml crapware tracks on w3c (you see the dots: office open xml , odt , word ... ?) and he want's let me put it this way to NOT use w3c standards like html5 and you wonder why ?
because he want's that we should use DRM ? and silverlight instead of html5 video in youtube
and his reasoning is that html5 is not ready for Microsoft maybe ?!-HTML5-is-Ready.aspx
and here another response to the FUD
and more from smarter people than me

only microsft shills use the word "interoperability" when they say that something must work only on windows platforms the rest of the world doesn't need "interoperability" because your website will just work on mac, linux , haikuos ... only microsft wants te be incompatible with itself
From my point of view is the most retarded attack html5 from Microsoft part

IE6 is f**ing dead already what he is smoking and i wonder what is his salary at Microsoft
"We're not going to retire Flash anytime soon," Le Hegaret said. It will take years before all Web clients support HTML5, he said. He cited Microsoft's IE6 browser as an example of popular client not supporting the standard. "IE6 is still being used on the Web today, and it is 10 years old."

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