Sunday, October 03, 2010

Howto and tips :converting from #mysql to #firebirdsql Part 2

In the first part i have showed you a method using csv files but there is
a smarter way to migrate from mysql or mssql , get the column info :name,type,pks
after that for each table we can create the table in firebird
1. get tables,get tables columns , types relations from mysql , or mssql (for that i will do an article later)
2. for each table, column create new tables with columns in firebird
3. for each row in each table select from mysql,mssql and insert in corresponding table in firebird
in a similar way we did in previous example but there i have inserted from csv
for mssql i will write another script for info , there is one sp that gives you just that
and we can use one query to get it

Here is the first sub step get all the columns info for one table

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