Sunday, October 03, 2010

real programmers do hex and asm , and they don't eat burgers : Java , C# ...

This is my response to this post Tiobe index decomposed
I found the same with debian generic test but also with my programming experience
We are served with slow and bloated languages (burger king) like
C#,,java and we are somehow forced by companies stupid rules to work on thouse but in fact if you want fast things you need to code in c++, and pascal on the server side (some might say the real

programmers do hex or asm :P)
heck i can run >10 instances of quake engine written in c in the native form implementation in the same time in the browser
so native code rulz for speed and low memory usage (see the pascal low memory footprint compared with java)

so why the heck we are still continue eating burgers ? it's time for a low carb diet , we want real food with good taste and in classy
restaurant with good history
not the fake food and fatness on our bottoms

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