Monday, October 18, 2010

clang++ compiling successful experiments with Firebird 2.5

I started playing with clang and Firebird sourcecode in a lunchbreak
on Lubuntu 10.10 amd64
If you wonder why seems to be a faster compiler and anyway is good to test the code in at least two modern compilers

The results are impressive : i mean i didn't expecting that clang++ to be so advanced that my Firebird 2.5 compilation finished in the end resulting in working binaries for Firebird 2.5

Read the full thread on Firebird-devel , on small patches needed to get it on .

See my screenshot with flamerobin (compiled with g++) connecting to just compiled Firebird 2.5 with clang++

ps: I like the error message , they look more human readable than the ones from g++ (colored)
Update: compilation works by default now if you use B2_5_Release Branch of Firebird
svn co firebird_2_5_Release

cd firebird_2_5_Release

./ --prefix=/opt/firebird2.5 --enable-superserver --with-system-icu --with-system-editline

export CXX="clang++"


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