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Saturday, August 14, 2010

building #arora-browser stable + latest stable sdk for #qt on #windows

1.install qt sdk (latest stable)
2.install arora src and extract it it with qt creator 

arora build solution and it will give the  error mingwm10.dll not found 

i did a little googling and found the solution 

If you install QT on windows via 
the install executable  it creates a shortcut 
in the start menu that is called "QT 4.X.X Command Prompt" that is a 
call to your $ $COMSPEC (cmd.exe most likely) calling qtvars.bat which 
sets up you env for you. 

But it still crashed both the console and arora application

 i have openned the soulution and rebuilded
and  i write this from it :) 

What is next : building as static exe and eliminate the cmd.exe
console from mingw

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