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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Systemd From they guy who fucked your audio system and still does with #pulse audio . Yah unix sux

He presents you the new init systems that it will be by default in fedora 14

If you wonder why is not in #ubuntu sthink again (bugs and other crap that it will introduce and it will not solve nothing like in the pulseaudio case introducing new problems)

Unix philosophy is stupid for the desktop why do i need the cupsd , postfix , anacron , and all stupid deamons (7 tty consoles) and 60 threads of console-kit-daemons on my small netbook ? and i didn't forgot the 7 or more layers of with networking and all but that is so slow like a dog when starting and moving my windows
That is one of the weaknesses of Linux : xorg system : I don't need so many layers i need something fast
that starts in one second and after that it will start the printing , mail daemons as needed
kernel should wake up the cron daemon once a day or never if i use the laptop only for 10 hours a day and in the night is closed also it should wake up cups only when i push the print button in openoffice
and gdm/kdm/slim should start first and then the deamons in the desktop/laptop mode profile
I don't care if the maildaemon starts after a hour when i boot my system , in fact i don't really needed it on my laptop also i don't need any password and ring key (security should be optional) and i don't want a password when i configure my wireless and when i configure my printer or update the system
In fact i don't want a a password at all on my borkstation64 @ home
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