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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Howto:Building #php 5.3.x Firebird driver (php_interbase.dll) with #VC9

I have finished my guide to build the Firebird (2.5) driver for php 5.3
I have spend two weekends but the results are great now anyone can build and compile
Firebird 2.5 from source on any windows machine and anyone can build a driver for php 5.3.x and greater after that.
Rebuilding of Firebird 2.5 is not normally necesarry for normal mortals but is necesarry so that firebird driver to be included in the main build scripts and testing machines for

ps: it's a tinny dll but it took some hours to make it work (~two weekends) and in that time i have created also the firebird 2.5 compilation movie on windows
How can you show me support ? you can donate for firebird fundation and that would make me happy (core developers will be happy and they will work to squish the bugs in the core and drivers but that doesn't meat that is the only contribution you can do: there are other ways : spread the word about firebird 2.5 release  , fix/triage some bugs , write some documentation  , blog about firebird ...)
also you can test and comment if there are any errors in the steps
ps: i will try to revive my mingw firebird compilation guide and i will add the php instructions too
I'm sorry that php core develpers are NOT using the very good mingw compiler and that they are using and persuading the usage of visual studio from ... Microsoft ...doh

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