Sunday, August 15, 2010

Why #ubuntu 64 bit not recommended for daily usage ? part two

if you think that 64 bit is not good for daily usage think again
some things like video decoding and encoding is faster even on atom based machines
and there is good reason because is so fast : the increased number of registers and
the registers are wider

As these benchmarks show, ffvp8 is clearly much faster than libvpx, particularly on 64-bit. It’s even faster by a large margin on Atom, despite the fact that we haven’t even begun optimizing for it. In many cases, ffvp8′s extra speed can make the difference between a video that plays and one that doesn’t, especially in modern browsers with software compositing engines taking up a lot of CPU time. Want to get faster playback of VP8 videos? The next versions of FFmpeg-based players, like VLC, will include ffvp8. Want to get faster playback of WebM in your browser? Lobby your browser developers to use ffvp8 instead of libvpx. I expect Chrome to switch first, as they already use libavcodec for most of their playback system.

Another thing is that all the apps are faster on 64bit than on 32bit and i can sense that speed
you know like when you overclock you cpu to gain something like 10% more in FPS
There is a feeling that system is faster on 64bit than on 32bit (more responsive)
Forget about flash , flash is slow on all systems be it quad or six core monsters
anyway is working without many issues on 64bit systems , So why the fark ubuntu is recomending
a slow operating system ?

At this point, using a 64-bit distro is rather like enabling hyperthreading on your CPU - you get a free performance boost for your PC, and if that means you can put off upgrading it for another six months then it's an easy win. As we said earlier, it's a nice bonus. Sure, 5-10% isn't a lot, but when it's across your whole desktop and comes at no cost, why not?

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