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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Life is good after #Oracle , see you in 10 years

OpenSolaris is dead kudos to Linux type fundations like debian , fedora ...(see the distrowatch to see the enemies of Solaris)
MySQL is dead kudos to the Firebird and Postgresql real open source fundations. No one that sane will ever touch mysql source code that will come from oracle . See the java patent patern from bellow.
Java is dead and replaced by native and scripting languages , I see google opening the native code floodgates
and maybe entering meego fundation and this way who knows in the future we will see a QT based  android
There is is already a port of QT to android called android lighthouse
and read the Qt on Android - the Bogdan Vatra interview

And you can watch some really interesting demos for qt on android , it really works well

LightHouse is a project to make porting Qt easy. Essentially, you just need to create a plugin which moves your content to the screen of the device. In my case, I did that and ported the shared memory concept and semaphore model -> done.

with better speed :C++ is always faster than any interpreted code (You read this with an C++ browser and NOT with a java based one). And already i see they push the scripting languages like python and ruby and php and javascript . You can build a real apk now with full power of scripting languges inside. May the lua force be with you .Mono is nice but there is another enemy at the gates: Microsoft and they do have a lot of patents on their war chest

Also community reacts and people leave the oracle's open source projects

I can't continue to contribute to a project sponsored by a company that use an Open Source language to monetize the patents portfolio they got from the acquisition of another company. I will feel like I'm paying money to SCO to have the right to use Linux... Yeah, I'll feel that bad.
So, I choose to leave the team instead of going against my convictions.

Take a look at the map yes Firebird and Postgres is fighting a strong war against Microsoft and Oracle (there are Billions there in the middle )

Map should be updated with mysql code split inside of the oracle and some of it outside somewhere in the ubuntu's launchpad

Interesting that the browser war is a lost cause for microsoft , you can't do anything against webkit period
and to add salt to the injury you can't do anything against firefox
The same with open source databases you can't do anything against them it's lost war
Ahh and by the way SCO is dead , nginx is getting web market share and the army of IPhones and Androids
killed everything microsoft had put on the table in the mobile area : Do you want a Kin anyone
I'm wet after Android and nokia but i will never use a Windows based mobile phone .

Gartner's study shows Android to be the fastest growing mobile smartphone operating system (OS) in the second quarter .Android overtook Apple’s iPhone OS to become the third-most-popular OS in the world  As has been confirmed by several other reports, the Linux-based Android overtook RIM’s BlackBerry OS to become the top selling smartphone OS in the U.S.,
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