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Friday, August 27, 2010

#God hates #ipod in the book of Eli , jesus was born in San Francisco

product placement sometimes is stupid : in book of eli the hero can't live without his car battery and the juice for ipod

"The next morning, Eli wakes up and finds that his iPod is nearly out of power. The car battery rig he uses to charge it is almost out of power as well."

"As he continues his journey, his iPod runs out of juice."

it would make more sense that Eli would go to Israel not San Francisco
You know i had all the time this song in my head "if you go to san francisco" for the duration of the movie
Also from the movie it seems Shakespeare is more popular than the Bible that is why you have many Shakespeare books and NO Bible ! wtf moment : that doesn't compute I mean common the army should had saved some bibles/playboy magazine you know just for an apocalyptic end of the world

our hero is kinda of religious kunfu master with his apocalyptic-pod in the ears and with a big afro american knife and he is eating cats

the story and the scenario is quite weak and is quite booring to see an almost empty post apocalyptic world, heck i almost want to watch MadMAx

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