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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The only database engine that is not Fucked is Firebird : with the rest you are really Fucked

and the question of the day "Having worked with Firebird, I must say it's indeed quite a good and reliable database.
However it has some weird defaults, like upper-casing all identifiers that are not quoted - takes some time to get used to."

and my answer

The SQL standard is doublefucked
The SQL:2008 and SQL-99 standards define databases to be case insensitive for identifiers unless they are quoted. Lower case characters may be used in identifiers and keywords, but are considered to be their upper case counterparts.
Another thing is the addition of two strings in any sane language not like php or sql the addition is + sign , in sql is ....|| and in php is . that is why they are pretty fucked languages I wonder who can change the standard ... Oracle ?
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