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Monday, August 23, 2010

One cool thing leads to another replacing #bash with #ipython , and #vim with #pyroom

I always wanted to switch forever from a bash type console to a python/ruby based one

and Ipython seems the best replacement shell in my opinion for bash

but he journey brings me to another cool edior , yes i hate VIM but i kinda like it's power but i still hate it's stupid not friendly user interface and so many hidden things
You need to grow a beard or something to get used to it
And i found The GLPython package provides an OpenGL terminal that lets you run an IPython console inside OpenGL.

wow that is cool , want to embed the ipython in a opengl interface (xonotic hud) and that made a click in my head

until i found pyroom on that page

Pyroom is a fullscreen editor written in Python and GTK featuring full screen multidocument text editor, small set of shortcuts, simple help page for shortcuts and different styles / colorsets available. More recent versions are available at

and that is very nice editor , full screen with text on the center and without annoying notifications from the system , similar with my way of running the terminal

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