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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

reading Rendering Quake 3 maps with WebGL: Tech talk

I wonder why webgl is not enabled by default ? here is my 2-3 fps test on intel board (netbook)
Here is the full paper and demo for loading webgl

it's one of the best prototyping env for openg es 2.0 (for android and the rest)
so this is why i will enable by default on my browsers

and webgl lessons are amazing , here is the example with spinning sphere


Brandon Jones said...

Those are some interesting graphics artifacts. Do you know what the model is of the graphics chip in your netbook? Looks like Intel's OpenGL drivers are as bad as ever in any case, but I suppose the fact that it runs at all is encouraging! Glad you liked my little demo, and have fun with WebGL!

Popa Adrian Marius said...

it's an atom n450 eeepc and debian sid

I can play openarena , tuxracer , chomium bsu at good framerates
Also on some webgl tutorials it crashed the xserver so it might be some bugs