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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The best pdf viewer is ... Google Chrome

I have noticed that google chrome is using one of the best pdf viewers in my opinion : with no crashes and no exploits

so i can recommend is as the best pdf viewer in the world and maybe it can be added in the list of (seems that is not enabled by default in chromium from sid but maybe in the future it will be enabled if is free/libre software  )

Here is the original google announcement 

Today, we are making available an integrated PDF viewing experience in the Chrome developer channel for Windows and Mac, which can be enabled by visiting chrome://plugins. Linux support is on the way, and we will be enabling the integration by default in the developer channel in the coming weeks.

With this effort, we will accomplish the following:
  • PDF files will render as seamlessly as HTML web pages, and basic interactions will be no different than the same interactions with web pages (for example, zooming and searching will work as users expect). PDF rendering quality is still a work in progress, and we will improve it substantially before releasing it to the beta and stable channels.
  • To further protect users, PDF functionality will be contained within the security “sandbox” Chrome uses for web page rendering.
  • Users will automatically receive the latest version of Chrome’s PDF support; they won’t have to worry about manually updating any plug-ins or programs.

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