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Saturday, September 04, 2010

First steps with #freebsd , #Firebird port update

I have installed it in virtualbox and then i needed a good editor
vim for the moment is ok
# cd /usr/ports/editors/vim/
# make install clean

I will update the Firebird port to latest stable

First step just to warm up will be to patch the firebird2.0 Makefile seems that is old (2.0.3)
and i will send the patch (problem request) to the freebsd team

Here is my original request to activate me as Maintainer (I find the process easier than in Debian and Ubuntu case!) just send an email and you are already a maintainer if the port is not updated or the maintainer field is set to ports at

Hello i want to takeover the port maintenance for the following ports


and create the new ones for


and update the port for flamerobin

Could you help me with the steps that are necessary to be a maintainer
of these ports?

There are a lot of questions on howto install firebird 2.1.x from
source and seems a better idea to update the main port
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