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Sunday, September 12, 2010

A few days with #Gnash on #debian #sid #amd64

seems that on my systems amd64 the adobe's proprietary plugin is temporarily removed because of it's dependencies
Yes i do use the flashplayer-mozilla from debian multimedia but today update removed it also the nspluginwrapper

flashplayer-mozilla depends on nspluginwrapper and ia32-libs
but the new version of ia32-libs conflicts with older version of ia32-libs-gtk

debtree flashplayer-mozilla >
dot -T png -o out.png

or use the svg version to see the dependencies better
dot -T svg -o out.svg

so i will use gnash plugin >0.8.8 for a few days for the youtube videos that are not converted to webm (seems that is working in iceweasel, and google chrome, on arora i have one error)

apt-get install mozilla-plugin-gnash

it's not that bad : both cpus are used so is full multi threaded
some movies are working ok : like the new compiz 0.9.2 examples
but some are not (like the main splash movie)

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