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Saturday, September 18, 2010

#Linux #Ubuntu / #debian the most beautiful #OS in the World , Only the defaults are ugly

Ubuntu is brilliant in skinning the Debian and exploiting this pot of gold and reselling with a nice interface
This struck-ed me while looking at the beautiful murrine themes they are absolutely gorgeous and it looks 1000x better than the default ugly theme from gnome/debian , this was the first thing i noticed when i switched to debian
horrid default theme  and something was not right  so i thing good looking defaults do matter

Here are different ways to skin the cat , you can make Ubuntu look like Windows7 or Vista (in fact 7 is a bad ripoff of kde4 as you might know)
you can skin it to look like macos and you can choose to be original and use from thousands of themes on gnome-look , kde-look , or devianvart 

and you are encouraged to use the ubuntu look on your windows machine too , that is a good way to say we are cool and copy cat us

ps: i forgot to mention compiz themes and the compiz in general
Here are some cool videos with new stuff in compiz 0.9.2

To play with compiz in debian read this page

or if you want 0.9.x branch use the source code Luke

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