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Thursday, September 02, 2010

apple itunes gets social like qloud and without facebook connect

Well apple introduces social like features to itunes but without the power of sharing on facebook or any other social sites (hi5, orkut ..)

We did something like that in year ~2006 and is called qloud it was a plugin for itunes but also a plugin for firefox (songbird)

and it still connected to the web but i guess the servers are online and run themselves (the power of linux servers well tuned)

I still think that is a great idea but powered and made open source and written from scratch (similar to what is for twitter)
I would choose the following tools javascript v8 engine node.js (maybe gluescript on some parts) and firebird for database engine : I would avoid php and mysql (owned by scoracle) i would use only html5 videos and it will not support internet explorer at all just modern browsers based on webkit and firefox and written to be an extension to them  and all will be transfered in pure json no bloatware on the wire

The lesson : don't write to propietary tools like itunes , iphone they will eat you and steal your gratest ideas in the end , it will close the doors for your best efforts

Some days i start to agree with RMS some days is good to listen to some of his good ideas
go freesoftware from day one and make it gpl3 just to protect your investment from patents and cloused sourceness : do it like , does it make the core bullet proof
and it will never die and will attract other people and developers forever
and it will not shut the doors like twitter

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