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Monday, September 06, 2010

WebPositive (#HaikuOS #Webkit Browser) Nightly

if you want the nightly WebPositive browser here is the page where you can download the latest

I have just downloaded the and unziped in the /boot partition as usual

but there are errors with symbols (old libcrypto and ssl libs )

runtime_loader: /boot/apps/WebPositive/lib/ Could not resolve symbol '_ZNK9BLanguage2IDEv'
resolve symbol "_ZNK9BLanguage2IDEv" returned: -2147478780
runtime_loader: /boot/apps/WebPositive/lib/ Troubles relocating: Symbol not found

But that didn't solved the problem so i have installed a version that is older v.515

In the end i have tested also tested the newer version from the optional area but they need newer icu 4.4 and other libs , I will try later

i miss apt-get update / install ...
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