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Friday, September 03, 2010

#quote of the day #Oracle about #mysql in the year 2006

"It's like comparing the free town bicycle in the park to a car that someone pays for," he said. "MySQL is not playing in the same league as commercial databases. While I do see a lot of free MySQL around, I think they replace Microsoft Access more than anything else. I think MySQL will stay in the 'other' category for quite awhile."

How funny now the bicycle is in the oracle park and demoted , rotting there ...

In an old computrworld article about db market in 2006

I was interested in reading about the rdbms enterprise market share fight while reading this article (pdf alert)
Running enterprise applications on Firebird

Fyracle was a good idea and still is maybe with a few years too early
and it should have been opensourced , that would have killed oracle quite fast

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