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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Proposal :vertically aligned window controls in the next #Ubuntu 11.04

While reading the ugly interface review for itunes X it struck-ed that ubuntu will copy this new interface feature as usual but is not a bad idea , it will save some pixel and it would kill the title bar maybe (left whiskey bar anyone ?) And yeah fuck the HIG , thouse are to annoy developers put the buttons wherever you want (maybe in a random corner  )

Now, iTunes 10's new "look-and-feel" is an entirely different matter. Immediately noticeable is the cringe-inducing vertically aligned window controls. Admittedly, it does save a few pixels of vertical space, since Apple got rid of the title bar entirely. But the Human Interface Guidelines are there for a reason—to provide users with a consistent paradigm for interacting with applications. The common wisdom is that you shouldn't break the HIG unless there is a compelling reason. In our opinion, a few pixels of vertical space isn't a compelling enough reason, especially considering all the comments we have heard from colleagues and readers who find it confusing.

Now i like the next post where it shows howto put the buttons back
at least in ubuntu there is something like gconf and it's visual.
And people still annoy Linux users that they are using the only thing that can save you
"The Terminal" and the "Command Prompt"

Thankfully, you can get rid of this style with a hidden terminal command. Quit iTunes 10, and enter defaults write full-window -1 in a Terminal prompt. Relaunch iTunes and—voilĂ !—the standard window controls return.

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