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Friday, September 17, 2010

#Daily #haikuos tips: using nightly vmware image in virtualbox

Today i have tested the nightly version of haikuos and i like to keept it clean so i use only the gcc4 no hibrid : the tip is to create a new vbox instance using the daily vbox image
also you must choose intel nic to have network on the hdd side you must add the secondary storage , Also a secondary cpu is good to have so i have enabled 2 cpu machine also increased the video memory buffer to 50M
I love the speed of the machine and i wish it had 3d acceleration support in the form of vbox 3d driver or guest support , maybe who knows we will have in the future in the kvm-linux or other drivers ...

To install a browser use
installoptionalpackage vim webpositive

and you can start browsing and chatting on the irc #haikuos node

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