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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This is why customers choose #Firebird #sql over #mssql :exorbitant prices

Here is why : let's say you have a quad cpu server (and that is average in the datacenter)
and let's say you want license for this server so
4xSQL Server Enterprise License per cpu = $27,495 * 4 = $109980
and that withot taking in account the os
let's put the Datacenter edition in the equation
4xSQL Server Enterprise License per cpu = $54,990.00 * 4 = $ 219960

That is close to the yacht price isn't it ?
and now the price for Firebird
4xFirebird 2.5 License = $0 * 4 = $0

That is not cheap because you are morally obliged to help the community and donate to firebird foundation

If you are not comfortable with the 0$ price then you can buy support from ibphoenix with all ranges of prices and if you choose the premium one

you got the $ 100,000.00 price tag
still cheaper than $ 219,960 one

ps: did i told you that Microsoft increased it's prices from sqlserver 2005 to sqlserver 2008 ?
2008 ent = $27,495 /cpu
2005 ent = $24,999 /cpu

Did i mention that they raid your company with the kgb state police help using tyrannical methods and suppressing your freedom to use software ? Microsoft = communism + monopoly ?
Russia Uses Microsoft to Suppress Dissent
and here is another article on techrights


pps: i recheck and update the mssql to firebird migration guide and this is why i'm in this area of thinking
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