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Friday, September 17, 2010

Lazarus Booke Chapter 2 Creating Music Player : Intro What is a skin ? winamp , xmms , qmmp

When you try to be skinny is starting to become ugly in the players world  ,

i was expecting the skin to be more simpler but is simple enough to be modified in gimp or any editor

here is one example with a simple  xmms skin and i choose it because is so simple

Every element of the player is a bmp file and practically is painted on the screen this is why you can skin the player the way you want

even the alphabet and the numbers are kept into a bmp image

You can download the skin and inspect it from here
After looking in the source code i think skinning  can be done better with opengl and sdl but for this we will reach later the chapter with opengl :)

What is cool ? you can install the above skin xmms-unix-clear in the .qmmp/skins folder
and it will apear in the settings area : How cool is that !? You can even install winamp skin in xmmp
is quite nice when you can bring your favorite skins over the years with you ... and using a modern engine from qt

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