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Friday, September 03, 2010

Is Oracle Becoming the New Microsoft?Yes and a expensive one time for alternatives : Firebird

Oracle seems they kill mysql project and it will go the route of no return with the project acquired from sun

Scoracle made two major moves that sent open source aficionados into fits: It sued Google over alleged misuse of Java and shut the door on OpenSolaris. "Oracle is an enemy of everyone," said blogger Martin Espinoza. "It is in their best interest to keep their fork of MySQL weak, and indeed to do anything they can to sell seats of Oracle, the world's most overpriced RDBMS."

'They Don't Get Open Source'

Meanwhile, "not only are former supporters of Java trash-talking both Java and Oracle, they're also looking at alternatives for another former Sun property that Oracle bought: MySQL," Hudson warned. "If the idea of acquiring Sun was to build a friendly path from open source to Oracle's closed-source solutions, this wasn't the way to do it."

"Oracle has to make up for all the money they spent for Sun, and the best way they can do that is to kill the FOSS offerings."

All in all, "the problem with Oracle is that they tend to be very controlling when it comes to things they think they own," Montreal consultant and Slashdot blogger Gerhard Mack concluded. "I think it's fair to say they don't get open source in any case, other than tweaking Linux to make their database run better."

The only exit from this mess is using real opensource/free software projects like qt ,firebird and the stats already prove it that interest in firebird and qt increased
it is better to code in C++/Ruby/Python and FirebirdSql than to use something that is on the death row like :mysql , glassfish , javafx , sparc , java
Firebird does have the oracle features into a small package and easy to install and administrate
We try to replace Oracle and not jokes like mysql or sqlite
"SQLite is not designed to replace Oracle. It is designed to replace fopen()."

And what about the hardware unit ?
Do you still remember Network Computer failure , Ellison doesn't gets how hardware is done
it only want's to pay him the overpriced failures like Oracle rdbms and it looks like a scam ware company (patent trolls)
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